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Toni Peret y Jose M.a Castells - Max Mix 5 [1987]


Max Mix 5 Primera parte: (1987)

1. Versión megamix 17:05
2. Version mix 17:20

Temas incluídos en el mix

Communards: Don't Leave Me This Way
Lucia: La Isla Bonita (Rap)
Level 42: Running In The Family
Mel & Kim: Showing Out
David Lyme: I Don't Wanna Lose You
P4F: 'Notorius' medley with 'Le Freak'
Steve Clark: No More Love
Kim Ross: Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Blue Cabs: You Can Do It Rap
Laser Dance: Power Run
Michael Bedford: More Than A Kiss
L.I.F.E.: You're All Played Out

Max mix 5 Segunda Parte. (1987)

1. Version megamix 14:28
2. Version mix 14.13

Temas incluídos en el mix

Kool & The Gang: Get Down On It
Tavares: C'est La Vie
Eddy Huntington: Up & Down
Italian Boys: Forever Lovers
Morgana: Ready For Love
Kool & The Gang: Fresh
Mel & Kim: Respectable
Invidia: Plaza De Toros
Company B: Fascinated
David Lyme:Bye Bye Mi Amor
Michael Fortunati: Into The Night
Alan Cook: Running Away

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